Streamlining Work Order Processes

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020


This client was using numerous software stacks: Gravity forms for receiving work orders, Zoho as a CRM, YouCanBookMe for appointment booking, and Trello for task management.

The Challenge

Our client was working with numerous software stacks to process a work order and had to manually manage the different data entry points


We migrated the client to Zoho One and used Deluge to integrate these apps to turn a long manual process into a fully automated one.

Automation Steps

When a lead confirms purchase of service over Zoho Forms:

  1. A new Deal is created in Zoho.
  2. The client is redirected from the Zoho Form to a Zoho Bookings page, where they can book in for an appointment.
  3. The new Zoho deal is used to auto-create a task checklist in Zoho Projects


The estimated time saving is 30 minutes per order now that the process is automated. Additionally, by moving the whole process to Zoho One, the client now saves additional money on subscriptions

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