Delivering Freedom is the Focus of What We Do

Use automation to free up time to focus on what really matters, and know that everything is taken care off.

Our Story

Aether Automation was created to deliver our clients a sense of freedom. We noticed that many of the routine business tasks done by people took up much time, were error prone and not very fulfilling.

We wanted to change that.

We found that the best way to deliver freedom is by providing innovative, cost-effective and elegant automations that will streamline your business processes. Automations will give you the confidence that your business is run well. It will free up your time to focus on  more productive and meaningful tasks, make better business decisions and grow your business and team.

We have tried many different business softwares over the years. We now specialize in ZOHO because we are impressed with their ecosystem of applications that addresses everything a business needs to run effectively. Being able to customize ZOHO through coding in deluge enables us to give our customer out of the box solutions instead of being stuck with something that doesn’t quite fit their specific business needs.

We are Authorized Zoho Partners, and our goal is to ensure that our clients get the most out of their business software. We pride ourselves on our customer service, reliability and technical expertise, and are committed to designing the most optimal solutions for your business.

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Get To Know The Team

An Aether Automation Team member


Co-founder, CFO

Co-Founder of Aether Automation. He works to create Innovative, cost-effective, and simple solutions for your business that streamline your processes.

An Aether Automation Team member


co-founder, coo

Co-Founder of Aether Automation. He works to deliver a sense of Freedom to our clients by removing their unnecessary day-to-day activities.

An Aether Automation Team member



Helping to support developers and encourage growth within the company as a manager and team leader.  Delivering solutions and integrations across such platforms/environments as mobile iOS, Linux, and Zoho.

An Aether Automation Team member


Account Manager

Committed to delivering top-notch service to Aether clients.  Varied background includes accounting and teaching.  Enjoys nature, and writes poetry from time to time.

An Aether Automation Team member


Creator of Opportunities

Supporting Aether with strategic business development and marketing. Thrives on turning challenges into opportunities, and connecting with people.

An Aether Automation Team member


Designer, partner

Helping with Aethers overall growth and bringing automation solutions to local food distributors and growers. Doing this in attempt to reinvigorate and empower local food economies at scale.

Aether Automation team member


Systems Analyst

I listen to your needs and design a system that solves your problems. Then I hand it off to the devs we keep locked up in the basement

An Aether Automation Team member


Junior Developer

Software developer, guitarist, and UVic Student. Working on the line between software and design to provide seamless and reliable automation.

An Aether Automation Team member


Junior Developer

Software developer, rapper, and a UVic student. Aiming to implement  customized automations to make organizations run their different business processes efficiently.

An Aether Automation Team member


Junior Developer

Software developer hoping to create elegantly designed and implemented products.  A perfectionist at heart.

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