Case Study: Engineering and Construction

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
A construction company had a problem managing their purchase orders (POs) when they're related to projects. They reached out to Aether Automation for help.

ABC Engineering Company is a construction and engineering company that builds driving ranges for golfers. Recently, they've had a problem managing their purchase orders (POs) when they're related to projects. Whenever they land a new project, they need to place an order for multiple products from different vendors. Each of these PO's should be tracked at the project level so that they can make sure they ordered everything AND so they can make sure they're profitable. This became a problem as their company grew, since the PO's are generated from Engineering requirements, and their Sales and Finance teams often made mistakes when placing these PO's, by ordering them from the wrong vendor. On top of this, the company wanted to hold zero products in their inventory (Just in time), and therefor couldn't have one large PO for all the projects they have on the go.

To solve this problem, ABC Engineering Company reached out to us to automate this process inside their Zoho One ecosystem. Our team set up their Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory so that when a deal was won inside their Zoho CRM, a Sales Order and Invoice were created in their Zoho Inventory.  This allowed the company to track all their sales at the project level.

Now, when a Sales Order is created in Zoho Inventory our automation went through all of the products sold, and search for the required components for those products in Zoho Inventory. Those components were then sorted by Vendor, and for each vendor required for a Sales Order, a Purchase order was created in Zoho Inventory. The Purchase Order was then automatically sent to the vendor from Zoho Inventory so that ABC Engineering Company could make sure the products arrived on-time for the project.

The Automation then linked the Purchase Orders in Zoho Inventory back to the Deal record in Zoho CRM, so that the profitability and traceability of the project could be managed at the deal level

This provided a few benefits for the company:  

-They no longer needed to manually place POs for each project

-They could track all their sales and POs at the project level

-They could make sure that their projects were profitable

-They could hold no products in inventory, and therefore didn't need to worry about storage space or inventory management.

If you  have a similar problem, reach out to us and we'll be happy to help!


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