Payroll Portal

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020


Our client was a small courier company with a fleet of drivers who ship parcels around the city. The drivers are paid every Friday, so in order to calculate their payment, a manager spends Thursday night tracking the shipments delivered against various accounts. Then enters that information into a spreadsheet, which is given to the bookkeeper to write cheques.

The Challenge

The client's payroll was being tracked with several large spreadsheets. Managers needed to search for time clocks, tracking numbers, account rates, and more to figure out payroll for each employee.


We designed a custom App for our client in Zoho Creator that enabled them to track all relevant information for payroll, including shipment information, hours worked, and account rates. This information is now displayed in a dashboard for employees or managers to log into to see their compensation.


It took our client over 4 hours each week to create these reports. That’s 16 hours a month for the manager to calculate payroll. The new payment portal updates in real-time and has eliminated 95% percent of the time spent on payroll.

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