How to Dynamically update a Picklist in Zoho Creator

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to dynamically update a picklist in Zoho Creator, without having to migrate your data into Zoho Creator? In this video I'll show you how.

In this video, Angie Simpson from Aether Automation shows how to dynamically update a picklist in Zoho Creator by using a workflow to pull in contacts from Zoho CRM and populating a dropdown field with the contact's full name. She explains how to create a reusable function that returns a list of contact names and how to use the Zoho CRM API to get contact records. The video also demonstrates how to clean up the returned data and add it to the dropdown field, and mentions that this method can be used to filter the contacts list in future.

Zoho Creator is a great way to extend the features of Zoho CRM. With Creator, businesses can add all the features they need to their systems, without the high cost of custom development. With the ability to dynamically update pick lists in Zoho Creator, businesses can pull in contacts from Zoho CRM and use them as a lookup field in the form. This eliminates the need to import all the contacts into Creator and manage syncing. It also gives businesses the ability to filter the list of contacts so they only get the ones they need. With Zoho Creator, businesses can quickly and easily add all the features they need to their CRM system without the hassle and cost of custom development.

Low code tools like Zoho Creator can replace many parts of the traditional IT and development team, enabling businesses to start using their internal tools faster. With Creator, businesses can easily create and customize their applications without the need for extensive coding knowledge. This eliminates the need for a large development team, allowing businesses to move quickly and launch their applications faster. Low code tools like Zoho Creator also allow businesses to build and deploy applications quickly, without sacrificing the quality of the software. With low code tools, businesses can save time, money, and resources, while still having high quality applications.

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