Converting Leads to Customers

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020


Whenever our client received a lead, they would send that lead an email with a link to a form to fill out. However, this resulted in many lost deals, as customers would frequently lose interest in the service before they were able to fill out the form in the email. Additionally, when customers clicked on the form, they would often stop partway through. This made it very difficult to bring a lead through the entire intake process.

The Challenge

Due to the high volume of leads, our client was having difficulty following up with leads and converting them into customers.


Aether’s solution was quite simple. We set up a Twillio account for our client and integrated it with Zoho CRM.

Within Twillio, we created a template SMS for the lead intake. The template was integrated with Zoho CRM. Information sent from the lead was directly added to the deal within Zoho.

Automation Steps

A lead registered for the service on our client’s website or Facebook ads:

  1. An SMS message was automatically sent to the lead confirming they signed up on the intake form.
  2. The customer would be asked a series of questions. Each of the answers would be put into a field in Zoho CRM for our client to review.
  3. On completion of the questions, the automation was able to identify if the service was applicable to the customer. And if it was, the customer was scheduled to meet with a doctor.


After we implemented this automation, our client saw a significant increase in conversion rate from lead to deal. Cost savings were redirected to the advertising budget. Employees were now able to focus on customer service rather than administration tasks.

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