Case Study: Quoting Tool

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021

Aether Automation was contacted by one of their Clients who needed help automating their Quote creation process. The Client was an engineering firm that had a complex process to create Quotes. The process would involve multiple people and would take days to complete. The final Quotes would be customized and would require specialized knowledge that only one person knew how to do. In order to scale the firm, the Client needed a way to remove their spreadsheets from the quoting process.

Aether Automation was tasked with automating the Client's quoting process. They were able to do this by creating a custom Zoho Creator app, and integrating it with the Client's CRM system. All the customization options for these quotes were built into the Zoho Creator app. This allowed the Client to generate Quotes automatically, send them out to their customers without having to use spreadsheets, and allow for future quote customization.

The end result was that the Client was able to have a complex process managed by people less trained, and without the need for manual input. This resulted in a more streamlined process, and saved the Client time and money.

Aether Automation is a Zoho Creator development company that specializes in automating business processes. We have a team of experienced Zoho developers who can help you automate your business processes, no matter how complex they may be.

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