Zoho with Wordpress

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021

Zoho with Wordpress

  1. Lead intake
  2. SalesIQ
  3. Lead Scoring

Lead intake

This is the easiest and fastest way to integrate Zoho with Wordpress. This integration can be done by embedding a Zoho Form on your "Contact Us" page, or by having the "Contact Us" page send webhook data to a Zoho Deluge function.

This method should be used for services based businesses that are starting out. It will only let potential customers send your their information, and that information will show up in your Zoho CRM. From there you can set up internal Zoho CRM automations that can books meetings and send forms.


SalesIQ allows for a few interesting business use cases.

1. Lets say your business is sending out an email campaign to specific accounts. Your email software can detect if those accounts open the email, and even click the link. However, SalesIQ can tell you which pages they go to, how long they're on those pages, and if they come back to your website in the future. For a business with long sales cycles, this information is critical.

2. If your business is in the B2C space, Sales IQ can be used to allow your customers to talk directly with customer service about products or orders. SalesIQ Zobots allow your business to automate customer inquiries about these things, and have the information come right from Zoho CRM

3. SalesIQ makes it easy to know what a potential customer is interested in when they submitted their information to your business. This makes it very easy for your sales team to know what to talk about when they call the lead

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is built into Zoho CRM. If you've installed SalesIQ on your Wordpress site, you can go to Zoho CRM, Settings, Automation, Scoring Rules to adjust your lead scoring. This allows your CRM to increase the Lead score of anyone who regularly visits your Wordpress site, so you know who you. should follow up with.

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