Zoho Creator update record in another form

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Zoho Creator allows businesses to make custom apps with any kind of logic they want. In this video, you'll learn how to update a record in another form.

Zoho Creator allows you to update records in another form by using workflows and deluge scripting. In this video, the speaker explains how to create a workflow that updates a related profile when a record is created on the intake form. The deluge script used in the workflow performs a search for an existing profile and updates the relevant fields with the information from the intake form. If a profile does not exist, the deluge script creates a new profile record. The speaker demonstrates the process by filling out the intake form and submitting it, which updates the profile in the Creator app.

Zoho Creator is an incredibly powerful and customizable platform for businesses of all sizes. With the ability to easily create and update records from other Zoho Creator forms, businesses can quickly and easily tailor the platform to their specific use case. In this example, Andrew Simpson showed us how to update a Zoho Creator record from another Zoho Creator form. By using the 'Workflows' feature, Andrew was able to set up a script to search for an existing record and update it with the new information provided in the intake form. This example illustrates how easy it is to customize Zoho Creator to fit any business's needs. With the ability to quickly configure fields, create workflows, and update records, Zoho Creator is the perfect tool for businesses looking for a highly customizable platform.

Zoho Creator is a powerful platform designed to help businesses streamline their processes and eliminate redundant work. With Zoho Creator, businesses can ensure that data is only entered into the system once and can then be used again and again. This eliminates the need to keep re-entering the same information, saving both time and effort. Zoho Creator also allows businesses to easily collaborate on projects and tasks, streamlining their workflow and improving productivity. With Zoho Creator, businesses can be sure they're saving valuable time and resources while also keeping their data secure and organized.

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