What to Automate?

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020

Question Everything!

We often get asked, “Where do I start with automation?”. 

Our answer is to  “Take the time to assess your current workflow processes” to identify where most of your time is spent on repetitive tasks.

For each one of your processes ask yourself:

How much time do you spend on different tasks? 

How often does a task need to be performed? 

What is the hourly wage of the person performing the task? 

How error-prone is the process?

How often does work have to be redone?

What is the consequence of making a mistake?

Workflow processes that do not require direct human face-to-face interaction can likely be 80% automated. So take the time to identify those workflows in your company that can give you the best ROI should you decide to automate.

Speak to one of our process consultants to get clarity on what automation is right for you and will free up time to focus on more important things.

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