How to Set up Zoho CRM for Events

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Do you run a business where you run events or conferences? In this video I'll show you how to set up a basic Event driven database in Zoho CRM

The video is about setting up Zoho CRM for event registrations. The speaker explains how to create a module for conferences and a related module for conference registrations. Then, they create a module for panels and link it to the conference module. They also create a module for panel attendees and link it to the panel module. Finally, they demonstrate how to track attendee check-ins using the CRM.

The use of Zoho CRM for event hosting businesses can be extremely beneficial. As demonstrated in the video, Zoho CRM offers a streamlined way for businesses to manage their conference registrations, panels, and attendee lists. The video showed how businesses can create modules for conferences and registrations, and then link them to contact records. This allows businesses to track which contacts have registered for which conferences and which panels they have attended. Additionally, businesses can also track which contacts have checked in to the panels, providing a comprehensive overview of all the events. This can help businesses save time while managing their event hosting business.

Another benefit of Zoho CRM is that it makes it easy to create custom fields that can help businesses track additional information, such as the availability of seats in the panels. Additionally, businesses can also customize the look of their registration forms so that attendees can easily fill out the necessary information. Overall, Zoho CRM provides a comprehensive and efficient way for businesses to manage their event hosting business. It can help businesses save time, make sure that all the necessary information is tracked, and ensure that their conferences and panels run smoothly.

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