How to: Instant Responses to Email Requests in Zoho CRM

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to send emails faster after someone fills out a Contact Us form on your website? In this video you'll learn how to set up an Instant email response

The video describes a method for using Zoho CRM, a customer relationship management software, to automatically send an email to someone who submits information on a website form. The process involves using web hooks to integrate the form with Zoho CRM, parsing the incoming information, checking if the lead already exists, creating a new lead if necessary, getting an email template, and then emailing the lead and bcc-ing the Zoho CRM dropbox. The speaker, Andrew with Aether Automation, uses Deluge, a scripting language within Zoho CRM, to accomplish this. The video also briefly mentions that this method allows for special logic to be applied to new leads depending on their answers.

In today's competitive business environment, it is essential to respond to potential leads as quickly as possible. Zoho CRM provides a way to do this by using webhooks and Deluge to instantly send an email to a lead. By using this method, you can quickly and easily respond to incoming requests, which can help to build relationships with potential customers and increase your chances of success. This is a great way to make sure your leads are engaged with your business and that your response rate is as high as possible.

The difference between high performing businesses and low performing businesses can be seen in the time it takes for them to answer a lead that fills out their contact form. High performing businesses will have an email response time of minutes or even seconds, while low performing businesses may take days or even weeks to respond. This reflects poorly on their customer service and can lead to lost opportunities. By using Zoho CRM, businesses can ensure they are responding to leads quickly and efficiently, which can help them to stand out from the competition and increase their chances of success.

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