How to Attach Notes using Deluge in Zoho CRM

Andrew Simpson
September 2, 2021
Are you trying to attach notes to records using Deluge in Zoho CRM? In this video you'll learn how Zoho CRM understands Note records

This video shows you how to attach notes and attachments to records in Zoho CRM using Deluge. Andrew walks you through the process of creating a workflow rule in Zoho CRM's automation settings to add a note to an account record whenever a deal is lost. The workflow rule is written in Deluge script and involves getting the deal and related account, assembling the note record, creating the note record, and creating an attachment record based on the note to the account. The video demonstrates how to write the Deluge script to accomplish this task.

Keeping robust notes in your Zoho CRM is essential for salespeople so they can quickly and easily access the activity that has already happened on an account. By creating notes and attachments to records, salespeople can quickly find out what has been lost or won on a deal, as well as any other activity that has occurred. This makes it easier for other salespeople to pick up where the previous salesperson left off and also helps them to understand the account better. Having robust notes also helps to ensure that all members of the team are up to date on the activity that has taken place, and that everyone has the same information.

Sales people will find it extremely helpful if they can view customer service notes from a customer when trying to sell a new product. This will give them an understanding of the customer's needs and wants, which can help them tailor their sales pitch to fit the customer's individual needs. It can also help them to get a better sense of the customer's buying habits, which can then be used to market the new product to the customer more effectively. Having access to customer service notes also allows sales people to build a rapport with the customer and show that they are genuinely interested in helping them. This is especially important when selling something new, as customers may be more likely to trust and buy from someone who has taken the time to understand their individual needs.

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