5 Automations Construction Companies Should Consider

Inga Michaelsen
August 8, 2020

Automation Essentials

If you are in the construction industry, tracking tasks for projects and managing documents, crews, equipment, and subcontractors is a considerable part of your overall operation. Having efficient workflows that ensure smooth communication between the field, office, customers, and other stakeholders are essential to operate effectively and succeed.

Automating workflows that coordinate tasks between people and synchronize data between systems will contribute to your overall organizational efficiency, responsiveness and profitability. 

Consider automating parts of these 5 workflow processes in your company:

Preconstruction Workflows:

Centralize your data so everyone is on the same page and the project can get started on the right foot.

Many construction companies store their project data in a million different places, from file cabinets to excel spreadsheets and across other software stacks. Migrating all the data in one place that continually updates will ensure more consistency, strengthen communication, and simplify preconstruction workflows.

Bidding and RFIs

Streamline this process to focus on other tasks.

Bidding on projects and replying to Requests for Information is a time-consuming and monotonous process that often results in many rejections for each successful bid. This process is an easy candidate for automation. It generally involves a form, which can be automatically filled in with all relevant information and submitted.

Planning and scheduling

Prevent mistakes and get better results.

Automating as much as possible in the construction planning and scheduling process will help prevent mistakes and ensure that a project is done within scope and time. Examples of automation in this workflow are generating the statement of work and breaking a project down into milestones and tasks,  assigning them to defined owners, start dates, end dates, and more.


Ensure everything gets accounted for.

The submittal review process is labour intensive, time-consuming and often done manually, which introduces mistakes and omissions. Managing submittals in one central place where stakeholders can upload and access them without having to do it manually will ensure that nothing gets lost and everyone stays informed.

Cost Management

Keep your project on time and budget.

Managing construction costs throughout a project’s lifecycle, including tracking change orders, managing supplier contracts, and visibility into overall budget impacts, is tedious and prone to mistakes. Increasing efficiencies through automations in cost management workflows can make all the difference. Instead of using spreadsheets, utilize a centralized tracking platform that generates up-to-date reports, so you know exactly where you stand financially. Automate your contracts and markups. This provides a clear picture of income, expenditure, costs, forecasts, and variances related to each contract.

Not sure where to start?

Use our Automation Assessment Tool to see where your company can save time and money by  optimizing your construction workflows and speak to one of our process consultants to determine the best strategy forward for your business.


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